Building Your House On “Turn-key” Basis

BUILDING YOUR HOUSE ON “TURN-KEY” BASIS The company Europa Crete Properties (ECP) is able to offer its customers the opportunity to choose from plot suitability to […]

A Guide For Property Buying

A GUIDE FOR BUYING PROPERTY 1. Select the property you are interested in. Decide where/what property you want to buy for your own use or the […]


CRETE GEOGRAPHY. Crete has an area of ​​8,303 sq. Km and 623,065 inhabitants in 2011 while the de facto population is 682,928. Its coastline is 1046 […]

Why Crete

WHY CRETE Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, as well as the biggest market for Norwegian, U.K. and E.U. buyers in Greece. The island […]

Blog Post

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