Building your own house, on “turn key” basis

The company Europa Crete Properties is able to offer its customers the opportunity to choose from plot suitability to design and build with high standards of construction, their dream home.
The Europa building team is available to provide advice and assistance at all stages of building the customer’s property, from design and supervision to “turn-key” completion.
They are always beside them, citing the advantages and disadvantages of construction and always offering solutions according to customer’s requirements.
These services are also offered to anyone wishing to renovate or reconstruct an old property.

EUROPA CRETE PROPERTIES & CONSTRUCTION can also offer Bioclimatic Design and Architecture. 

The building sector is responsible for almost 40% of the total final energy consumption on a national level. This consumption, either in the form of heat (using primarily oil) or electricity, besides being a significant economic burden due to the high cost of energy, results in large scale atmospheric pollution, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2) which is responsible for the greenhouse effect.

The reduction of energy consumption in buildings can be achieved by simple methods and techniques, using a appropriate building design (bioclimatic architecture) and energy efficient systems and technologies, such as passive solar systems.
Bioclimatic architecture refers to the design of buildings and spaces (interior – exterior – outdoor) based on local climate, aimed at providing thermal and visual comfort, making use of solar energy and other environmental sources. Basic elements of bioclimatic design are passive solar systems which are incorporated onto buildings and utilize environmental sources (for example, sun, air, wind) for heating, cooling and lighting the buildings.

Bioclimatic design takes into account the local climate and includes the following principles:
Heat protection of the buildings in winter as well as in summer, use of solar energy for heating buildings in the winter season and for day lighting all year round. This is achieved by the appropriate orientation of the buildings and especially their openings (preferably towards the south), by the layout of interior spaces according to their heating requirements, and by passive solar systems which collect solar radiation and act as “natural” heating as well as lighting systems.
Protection of the buildings from the summer sun, primarily by shading but also by the appropriate treatment of the building envelope (i.e. use of reflective colours and surfaces).
Removal of the heat which accumulates in summer in the building to the surrounding environment using by natural means (passive cooling systems and techniques), such as natural ventilation, mostly during night time.
Improvement – adjustment of environmental conditions in the interiors of buildings so that their inhabitants find them comfortable and pleasant (i.e. increasing the air movement inside spaces, heat storage, or cool storage in walls).

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